Life is a beautiful tapestry and reflecting on our human journey through poetry, journaling, memories, dreams, reflections and telling our story. Reflecting on our life as part of Ian’s ongoing journey is an Integral life-style in body, mind, spirit and shadow.

Fifty Shades of Dying

By Deirdre Hanna

There are several roads named ‘Shades of Death’ in America.  I’m surprised I’m not living in one of them. They are swampy, murky, forested and hard to navigate with clarity. 

I find them wonderful images for my life journey that seems in-formed and shadowed by death, a companion who is always peering over my shoulder to see where my next steps are heading.

My life has been inspired by books about miracles, spirituality and death.  From very early childhood I seem to have been obsessed, haunted, followed, and led by curiosity about death and the afterlife. 


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