Welcome to the Ian Mavor Foundation

Our Purpose

To relieve poverty, suffering and distress for the poor, the sick, the dying and the bereaved and deliver core life skills and counselling services and education to children living with life-limiting illnesses and their families. To rehabilitate women and children in need who have symptoms of PTSD and are traumatised by domestic violence, imprisonment, suicide or the death of a parent or partner through natural disasters, war or murder.

To offer scholarships to attend the Paradise Kids Program to educate children who are victims of domestic violence or incest or abuse or who are grieving the death of a parent or sibling  Read More

You can help us to help others

Paradise Kids Storybook Collection

The Paradise Kids Storybook Collection is designed to be a useful tool to help children relate to the deep emotional issues and the painful situations they are currently facing in the safeness of a storybook. The storybooks help children identify the causes of their feelings and provide gentle reassurance that they can; handle this change in their life, learn valuable life skills, be reassured of the ability to handle future challenges, become strong and resilient.

Storybooks can be purchased via the Angel Appeal website. A portion of books are sent free of charge to those needing help and support but cannot physically attend the Paradise Kids groups.